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January 13 2024

‘Turn and Face the Strange’: A Jungian Perspective on the words and music of David Bowie

Matthew Appleton


“I suspect that dreams have far more use for us than we’ve made of them. I’m quite Jungian about that. The dream state is a strong, active potent force in our lives…” David Bowie

David Bowie used words, music and theatre to ignite the imagination of generations of young people and remained an ongoing creative force in the lives of many people who had discovered his music in their youth. The title of this talk ‘turn and face the strange’ comes from his song ‘Changes’. The capacity to change by playing with fluid personas marked Bowie’s personal individuation process and inspired others to explore different facets of the psyche. Nowhere in popular culture does the dialogue between ‘the spirit of the times’ and ‘the spirit of the depths’ play out so powerfully, as in the development of Bowie’s work. Here we encounter ‘otherness’ as shadow aspects of ourselves, we experience ‘anima’ and ‘animus’ in a dynamic inner dance, we pass through liminal and imaginal dreamscapes that refuse to be defined and connect into the collective unconscious of a culture in crisis.

Matthew Appleton MA UCKP RCST is a psychotherapist with more than 20 years experience of international lecturing, facilitating workshops and training practitioners. He is the author of the book Transitions to Wholeness. Integrating Prenatal, Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology (2020). Living in Bristol, he is a lifelong Bowie fan.

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